Jónó Mí Ló is an African-American artist, musician, and label owner currently based in Detroit. Over the past nine years, he’s worked, produced, and collaborated on a number of projects across a range of mediums, with his music landing on labels such as Ailanthus, Orange Milk, Bootleg, Wasabi, Exo Tapes, Splash Tapes, Hoko Sounds, Moon Myst Music, Hardvapour Resistance Front, Dream Catalogue, Dark Triad Records, and Pastel Voids. His also run a tape label Afternoons Modelling.

His latest release, Baseless Cultural Critique, landed earlier this month on Pastel Voids and presented five warped techno cuts, alongside a poem, which you can read below. The tracks range from the abrasive grooves of “Breath of Life” to the frayed acid of “Crisis of Character,” all mind-bending outings from an artist deeply embedded in experimental arts.

You were a snake you were when we met
Slight of hand and quick exchange
The eradication of Earth
I realized life was a game
And, Some people live to destroy

In support of the release, Pastel Voids has offered up “Crisis of Character” as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below. You can purchase the release here.

Crisis of Character