Sonarpilot is the moniker of Switzerland’s Michael Moppert (pictured above), a longtime musician and studio producer who took a 15-year hiatus from the arts to pursue a career in business. The second go-around of his musical endeavors began in earnest in 2010 when he released his debut album as Sonarpilot, Mothership, through his own imprint Sonarpilot Audio. His latest musical creation is called “June Dub,” and will be released later this month with a pair of remixes from Brendon Moeller along with this one from Jonny Miller, with whom Moppert has previously collaborated. On his remix, Miller converts the easy-going dub sounds of the original into a more uptempo affair by incorporating jazzy, broken beat-style percussion, while adding spacey synths to the previously austere tune. “June Dub” comes out, appropriately enough, on June 29, but in the meantime, you can preview the whole thing after the jump.

June Dub (Jonny Miller Remix)