Last month, Friends of Friendsannounced the birth of its sister label, Young Adults, and the imprint’s inaugural release, a four-track compilation of house tunes called YA001. Vinyl copies of the record are available now, and as of today, Young Adults has unleashed the opening track, Suzanne Kraft‘s “Jus U.” The tune kicks off the short collection with a beat banged out on a hand drum and a distinctly retro vibe that arises from the funky bassline, synth chord blasts, and soulful vocals. YA001, which also features productions by the likes of Urulu and LOL Boys, will see a digital release on August 14. Suzane Kraft, who was just admitted to this year’s Red Bull Music Academy in New York, also has a solo release, called Horoscope, scheduled to drop this fall.

01 Jus U