“Kamera” brings a strangely cuddly end to Japanese beatmaker Madegg‘s upcoming Teach EP. Hoots, clinks, and the twangs of an acoustic guitar bob in and out of the stoney haze like an off-kilter choir of emoji singing over a half-time beat. The 11-track record is slated to drop on May 28 via Flau (check the artwork and tracklist after the jump), and will be followed by a full-length album from 19-year-old producer in July. As if to underscore the ephemeral nature of Madegg’s sound, Flau will also be offering t-shirts embossed with download codes to people who purchase his debut LP.

1. New Heads
2. Jaha
3. Aaaas
4. Naviea
5. Thalassa
6. Zudon
7. Gold
8. Penguin
9. Filmatra
10. Flashbackerr
11. Kamera