Though he recently decided to begin operating under the name Crescent Bae, the Stateside producer formerly known as Helel Arc is one of 13 beatmakers to contribute to Opaq Glitter, the inaugural compilation from freshly launched French imprint Permalnk. Appearing alongside a number of adventurous electronic hybrids on the collection is Helel Arc’s “Kami,” a slithering beat which manages to marry together a number of frantic rhythmic elements with stoney, side-chained chords and freeform synth lines—all of which sits atop a bubbling cauldron of analog beeps and miniature digital glitches. Out now as a name-your-price download (as well as a “USB Bag with pure DIY random content”) via Bandcamp, Permalnk’s full Opaq Glitter compilation can be streamed after the jump.