Earlier this month we were fortunate enough to be able to share a free download from Japanese techno producer Ryogo Yamamori; today, we can follow it up with an exciting cut from his label’s catalog, Tokyo-based 951beat.

Katrina‘s “Scintilla” may her debutant release, but it embodies the talent of someone who has been living techno for a lifetime. Hailing from Taiwan, she also runs the Innerve party series in the capital of Taipei, and looks set to move onto big things with this new track. “Scintilla” is a subtle, rolling six minute session, plastered with Mills-esque hypnotic sequencing. In its original release, it was put alongside tracks by label head Yamamori and QriTomato, both cut from a similar cloth. It stands up very well on its own, and we are delighted to be able to offer it for download today.

Download “Scintilla” via WeTransfer below. The full EP, 951beat 28, is available to purchase at Bandcamp now.