Hot on the heels of last month’s rework of Bibio’s“Jealous of Roses,” the mysterious, Philadelphia-based CSLSX (who we previously covered here) has just dropped a nice and breezy tune that straddles the line between chillwave and Balearic. Go ahead and mark this one as track three on the soundtrack to your summer. Sounding like the aural equivalent of a fourth-grade finger painting, “Keep On Shining” floats along while still hitting hard for a song intended for a “it’s-6am-in-1989” Ibiza dancefloor. Filter-smeared toms glide like yachts driven by the breeze of an interlocked melody made from Nile Rogers guitars and Aeroplane synths, while the melody from “Strawberry Letter 23” fills out the top end along with a chopped female vocal hook that ties it all together with the feelgood refrain, “so good, so right.” Download the mp3 here and be sure to check out the video after the break.

Keep On Shining