One of the world’s many patrons of bass-heavy dance music, Parisian producer Mikix the Cat has a new EP coming soon thanks to his low-frequency-loving friends at NY’s Trouble & Bass label. The Girls Keep on Wondering EP will drop on November 2, but we’ve got a bit of a preview before that, in the form of the tasteful banger “Keep on Wondering.” Mikix’s tune is the second of four selections on his as-yet-unreleased EP, and offers enough ’90s synth stabs, heavy dancefloor rhythms, vibrating sub tones, sampled vocal hooks, and epic breakdowns/drops to stand alone as a quality single. We’re not sure what else his Wondering EP will offer selectors and listeners of energetic dance music once it’s out, but we’re happy enough to have “Keep on Wondering” taking up a handful of minutes in our peak-hour DJ sets until then.

Keep On Wondering