Naked Acid is the second full-length from Portland-based pysch-nymph Honey Owens, who makes music under the name Valet. The album was pieced together over a five-month period in 2006 and takes its inspiration from, among other things, “Haitian Voodoo drumming, various shamanic dreamtime musics, and the Velvet Underground,” Owens said in a press release. It was recorded in mostly single, live takes, with only some sparse additional tracking. On “Kehaar,” the first single, a few reverberated guitar chords outline a stark musical landscape across which a voice fit for a choir meanders alongside. Owens’ drawn out notes are hauntingly beautiful– sometimes high-pitched and angelic, sometimes atonal and eerie. Find your inner shaman with this ethereal track. Lulu McAllister

03 Kehaar