Maybe it’s When Saints Go Machine‘s roots in dance music (half of the group makes up techno duo Kenton Slash Demon), but there’s something about the dancefloor-oriented pop-experimentalism of the Danish four-piece that lends itself to remixing. There’s already been a lengthy string of reworks following the release of Konkylie, the band’s sophomore LP, and now, California-based producer Shlohmo (pictured above) has given the group a druggy version of album cut “Kelly.” The resulting production is a radical departure into a wonderland of half-time hip-hop beats, insistently buzzing synthesizers, and creepy, pitch-bent vocals evocative of a twisted Arthur Russell. It’s a startling remix that removes the original track’s dancefloor elements in favor of a headier and more immersive soundscape.

Kelly (Shlohmo Remix)