With the release of Wolf Cub‘s Love High EP for Transmission Audio, the DJ/producer wastes no time proving why he’s been repped by the likes of Ben Westbeech and Hackman. Across the four-track record and on standout cut “Kerouac,” Wolf Cub doesn’t stretch the boundaries of what house music can do, he simply serves it straight and instantly infectious. But there’s also a stealth element to his music: “Kerouac” immediately turns ears in its direction, pinning an organ stab to the dancefloor while it tries to squirm its way out. Addictive and engrossing, the fresh track also makes solid use of vocal samples, inviting the listener to dance themselves silly while trying to decipher whether it’s calling them in or calling them out. You can stream the rest of Wolf Cub’s Love High EP after the jump.