With Khan of Finland’s album NICHT-NUR-SEX, Shitkatapult will kick off its 2017 campaign and the year of its 20th anniversary—the album will also kick off a line of special artist releases from Si Begg, T.Raumschmiere, C. Brötzmann, and more throughout the year.

Named after a user profile on a gay forum named Gayromeo, NICHT-NUR-SEX—which translates to “more than sex”—is an album of dub-like pop that harkens back to the work of “Grace Jones and Marianne Faithfull in their Island Records era of ’80/’81.” A deeply personal and intriguing work that paints the story of an intense lifestyle. Like the album cover, which is an archive of Khan’s photos, the album is a collection of snapshots and secrets unveiled.

On the album, Khan has invited a cast of guest artists including narrator Joe Volume, Mexican rapper Alemán, Julia Kent, cello player of Anthony & the Johnsons, and Icelandic musician Urður, known from GusGus fame.

In support of the album, Khan has offered up “Khant Buy Me Love,” available via WeTransfer below. You can purchase the album via Shitkatapult’s store on March 31.

Khant Buy Me Love