Louis Isaac a.k.a. Kid Fiction has released a new single.

After spending several years busking and playing in roots and reggae bands throughout his hometown of Sydney, Kid Fiction has cemented himself within the hustle of Australia’s electronic music scene. Finding Influence from all corners, from the heavy electronics and darker shades of the UK underground to lush melodic soundscapes, soulful pop aesthetics, and the rowdy polyrhythms of his Afro-Caribbean roots.

2017 has seen Kid Fiction explore a new dimension to his art: singing and songwriting, something that up until now he had kept quite hidden, focusing more on instrumental music. Only last week he dropped “Damn (3,000ft),” which for the first time features his own vocals. It sets the tone for the EP that’ll land in January.

Meanwhile, grab “Damn (3,000ft)” via the WeTransfer button below.