Chicago-based rapper/producer Jeremiah Jae delves deep into some collage-style beatmaking with this cut from his recently released Rappayamatantra EP (artwork above). Kicking off with a menacing scream, the beat rolls along with loose hand percussion and a round, lazy bassline. Completely incomprehensible mumblings loop to the point of creating their own rhythms on top of which Jae throws any number of samples, from bubbling synth sparks and fuzzy guitar to foreign language field recordings and woodwind screechings. It seems most any sound source is fair game on this instrumental track, yet Jae seems to find a fluidity in the arrangement of his collage pieces, adding and taking away elements in such a way that they are only as jarring as the producer intended them to be. Hard to imagine where this one will fit in amongst the EP’s eight tracks (at least a few of which surely feature the rapper’s raspy vocals), but Jae has never been one to follow a rigid path in his musical outings, and we certainly wouldn’t want it to be otherwise. (via Altered Zones)

Jeremiah Jae – Kings Bop