On March 21, rising Berlin producer Mike Dehnert will release his first full-length via forward-thinking techno label Delsin. Framework will feature 11 songs (see below for full tracklist and sleeve), including this infectious heater. There is no shortage of analog grit on this one, as the bass pops as hard as the claps and an ominous, infrequent robot growl is raw like exposed wires. All of this may satisfy one’s reasonable techno expectations, but a subtle, watery melody makes this track truly dynamic, stealthily putting itself in the foreground as it oscillates in the background.

<img src=”https://xlr8r.com/wp-content/uploads/files/framework_031411.jpg” alt=”Framework” width=”350″ height=”350″ /a

1. Intro
2. Infix
3. Framework
4. Palindrom
5. Quattro
6. Klartext
7. Teilfolge
8. Inversion
9. Kontextfrei
10. Beatmatching
11. Outro

Mike Dehnert – Klartext