Australian duo Alba (formerly Albatross) has been opening for the likes of Gold Panda, Four Tet, and Mount Kimbie as of late, and Plastic World—an upstart vinyl label co-run by Future Classic‘s former manager, James McInnes—put out its first release with Alba late last month, titled Knokke / Law. Featured here, that record’s a-side is a sleek, mildly sinister house cut that culminates its revving bass, transposed helium vocals, and bright synth stabs with a restrained, cruising pulse. We also have the pleasure of premiering the video for “Knokke” today. The piece is an unusual, late-night triathlon for two protagonists that features jogging in an above-ground parking lot, wrestling, and an ocean swim, with time in between for the sporadic drug or dance break. Alba’s video for “Knokke” can be seen after the jump.