Hailing from Minneapolis, Comanche is the latest producer to contribute a free LP to Astro Nautico’s ever-growing online catalog. As heard on “Kodachrome,” an effort that appears early on in the producer’s new Silicon Basilica album, Comanche is certainly capable of weaving together a host of disparate sounds—using snippets of tropical percussion, strings, and Rhodes in order to create this particular instrumental offering. The results land somewhere between the playfulness of Emerald Fantasy Tracks-era Lone and Prefuse 73’s sample tapestries, while still very much staying true to its own unique slant on hip-hop-indebted electronic music. Furthermore, the Astro Nautico family appears to be staying quite busy, as the New York-based collective is close to wrapping up a (hopefully) successful Kickstarter campaign in order to press its first vinyl release. The full details of that fundraiser can be found here, while Comanche’s full debut LP can be downloaded for the price of an email over on the label’s Bandcamp.