Russian producer Aleksander Tochilkin (a.k.a Koett) is set to release his second full-length LP, Thaw, on February 5 via the Amsterdam-based music label Atomnation. Koett is counted among the many distinguished electronic artists that have emerged from the mega-state in recent years, such as Pixelord, Monokle, LongArm, Lapti, and DZA.

Recorded on a TR-808, Yahama DX-7, and a Polyvox (an old Soviet replica of the Moog), Thaw is the follow up of Koett’s well received debut LP, Golden Peak, which was released via Atomnation in 2013. Based in the sunny southern part of Russia close to the Black Sea and Georgia, Tochilkin’s imaginary travels to the north of Russia inspired him to record his new LP.

“I always wanted to make a journey to the North, going to places where there are endless steppes and many kilometers of taiga stretches, where a man and his ego are simply nothing in comparison with nature. For me this album is some kind of journey through the places where I sometimes dream to go.”

Ahead of the release, Koett has graciously offered up one of his album cuts as today’s XLR8R download. The fifth track on the album, “Slow Run,” is a gritty, arenose, club-ready burner with a steady house music fortitude, fierce synth progressions, and haunting piano riffs.

You can download the track in full below and be sure to check out more from Koett by visiting his SoundCloud page here.

Pre-order the album here.

Slow Run