The Brooklyn-via-North Carolina duo of Andrew Hamlet and Mat Jones (a.k.a. Pressed And) offers up this bit of genre-defiant goodness—encompassing elements of glitch and hip-hop, among a number of other things—from their upcoming EP, Hyper Thistle. Bassy synth squelches and heavily altered vocal samples weave their way in and out of the beat, which marches forward with slamming snares, skittering hi-hats, pounding kicks, and a strange, organ-like sample. While all these different elements may seem a bit jerky at first, they all come together under the track’s climax: the introduction of the steady hum of a synth pad that kicks in around the two-minute mark. The track is aptly named; much like a martial arts technique, all the different elements combine to form something that is simultaneously elaborate, graceful, and hard hitting. After checking out “Komus? Flutter Kick IV,” keep your eyes peeled for the five-track EP’s release on July 17.

Komus? Flutter Kick IV

Komuso Flutter Kick IV