Tristan Fabes and Charlie Gehant, who make up the Anglo-French duo Konkret Cutz, banded together in 2014, moved to Berlin, and plunged into an what is now an ongoing electronic musical expedition. Starting off with a number of remixes and hosting shows on a variety of radio stations and podcasts, the listening community has slowly but surely started to realize the strength and nattiness of Konkret Cutz’ production and mixing ability. Touring all over France, The UK, and Germany, the duo has caught the attention of a handful of labels with forthcoming EPs on Not An Animal, Tunnyl, and Man Power‘s imprint, LBL.

Having released it’s debut EP The Raumon People Get Real’s imprint Join Our Club earlier this year, Konkret Cutz’s sound and trajectory shows an entirely upward trend. With a handful of remixes and EPs already in the works for 2016, it seems likely that we will be seeing (and listening to) more from Fabes and Gehant. Offered up today as an exclusive XLR8R download is the Konkret Cutz track “ESLO,” which features a soulful, abrading groove that is followed up by low, wide, and particulate synth line that is precisely tuned and automated, eager for dancefloor adoption.

You can download “ESLO” for free in the player below and be sure to check out more from Konkret Cutz by visiting their Soundcloud page.