After years of domination in Oslo, skweee label Dødpop and its stable of producers will be making their UK debut at fellow wonky beat-genre label Donky Pitch’s club night in Brighton on Saturday, March 5. The full lineup and all the details are here, but in tow will be Dødpop producer Beatbully, whose debut album Kosmik Regn coming at the end of the month. To celebrate both the release and Dødpop’s first time in the UK, the label is offering Beatbully’s title track for a free download. The song’s undercurrent of fat, bloated synths are barely a match for the plethora of spry and dazzling synth melodies that crackle in and out, yet lackadaisical kickdrums and handclaps stickily hold it all together.

Kosmisk regn