In anticipation of his forthcoming EP from London’s Aconito label, Tokyo-based techno producer Hironori Takahashi has released this stone-cold track just in time for the winter months to come upon us. From the beginning of “Kyres” (which will not appear on the EP), it feels like you’ve been shrunk and placed inside some sort of perfectly efficient techno machine, one driven by an intense kick and snare accompanied by clicky percussion and a deep bassline, all of which pulse consistently. The only glimpse we get of the outside world are the the muffled atmospheric field recordings that float atop the tune’s dark, rhythmic core. Takahashi’s EP, Gaia’s Archetype, will be released on vinyl November 22 and features two new tracks along with an edit from Aconito label head nAX_Acid. Check the tracklist after the jump.

A1. Serv
A2. Outgass (nAX_Acid Edit)
B1. Outgass