For Ariel Pink, the cliche “toiling in obscurity” may have been an understatement. Born Ariel Rosenburg, he worked by himself for years, recording album after album of tape-trick-laden pop songs to create the surreal world of Ariel Pink. It wasn’t until 2004 that a CD-R of his music arrived in the hands of bedroom-genus group Animal Collective, something which kick-started his music career and gave his act an audience. In the years since, as Paw Tracks has continued to release albums from his vaults of work, Rosenburg has faced an entirely new problem. How does one recreate live the sounds of music that previously existed only in the netherworlds of four-track cassette tape? One way is to gather up a group music vets who’ve done work with a laundry list of bands from Devendra Banhardt to Cibo Matto and hit the road, which happens to be what they’re currently doing. Wyatt Williams

Ariel Pink – L’estat (According To The Widows)