The members of the Zizek collective sure know how to keep themselves busy. Besides running a weekly party in Buenos Aires, Argentina, touring North America (twice), and releasing a steady stream of free mixtapes (including a top-shelf podcast for XLR8R), the crew has also started its own record label, ZZK Records. Only a handful of releases have seen the light of day so far, the latest being Pibe Cosmo, the debut album from El Remolón.

After honing his microsampling skills for years as an IDM and minimal techno artist, El Remolón decided to tackle Latin rhythms, like cumbia and reggaeton. “La Bonita” is a perfect example of the results, as the song’s delicate melodies and childlike vocal samples eventually give way to a lazy cumbia beat.

Next week El Remolón will be heading across the Atlantic as part of Zizek’s first-ever European tour. He’ll be joined by compatriots Villa Diamante and El G.

10/29-11/2 Seville, Spain – World Music Exposition (WOMEX)
11/07 Oslo, Noway – Oslo World Music Festival
11/13 Amsterdam, Netherlands – OCII
11/14 Rotterdam, Netherlands – WORM
11/21 Barcelona, Spain – Club Nitsa
11/27 Zaragoza, Spain – Zaragoza Latin Festival
11/29 Malmo, Sweden – The Rumble
12/04 London, England – Movimientos
12/05 London, England – Secousse w/Radioclit

La Bonita