When was the last time you had the chance to drop a remix of a song written over a century ago in your DJ set? We’re guessing never, but that’s about to change. To commemorate the upcoming royal wedding, international outfitter Bench asked UK producer Doorly to remix his motherland’s unofficial national anthem, “Land of Hope and Glory,” which was originally composed in 1902 by Edward Elgar, and will release the track on a limited-edition dubplate this week. What the artist cooked up for this project lands somewhere between a hyperactive booty bass tune, an obscure C & C Music Factory jam, and, well, an orchestral piece written a very long time ago. Chopped pieces of the original string section stab out the melody to Doorly’s production, while 808 rhythms bounce and skitter below it and booming, percussive sound effects fill in the gaps. Is this the kind of thing British patriots will go apeshit for during peak hours at the club? We’re not sure, but now we can find out.

Land of Hope and Glory (Doorly Remix)