The Los Angeles-based company Eskuché—who are, we should say, first and foremost manufacturers of high-end headphones—have been dabbling in the art of music-inspired short films for some time now and, more importantly, its most recent visual project features a brand-new cut from Throne of Blood associates Populette. The New York duo offered up a seductive slice of space-age disco in “Lasers Are Forever,” the title track of a recently released EP that appropriately serves here as the theme for the short film’s opening dance number, which in turn features a choreographed assembly of helmeted female dancers grooving in unison. After downloading Populette’s bouncing cut of sparkling disco house below, you can peep the aforementioned short film which, among other things, features some abstract symbolism, retro-futurism, plenty of references to classic cult flick THX1138, and (warning for those of you at work) a briefly topless protagonist after the jump.

Lasers Are Forever

Techno Babble

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