The New York-based label UNO definitely hit the ground running with the release of its brilliantly spaced-out and disco-fied debut single, “Future,” by Eddie Mars. Staying strong, UNO is back with another heavy hitter, “Lay It Down,” the US label debut of Montreal-based sensation Jacques Greene. As a way of whetting our appetites, we’ve been slipped the Nacho Lovers remix to share with you. Nacho Lovers tastefully retain the acid bassline and overall vibe of the original track while still giving the song their trademark deep treatment. The rhythmic emphasis is shifted from snare to kick, a full-stop organ is added to the mix, and completing the transformation is a synthesized sax riff ripped wholesale from 1992. “Lay It Down” is out next week, so give the remix a listen now and be sure to pick up the single when it becomes available from your favorite retailer.

Lay It Down (Nacho Lovers Remix)