A quick glance at Ghe20 Gothik resident Physical Therapy‘s Soundcloud and you’ll notice that the East Coast producer has an affinity for flipping radio R&B jams into slow, percussive, bass-minded tracks. Take, for instance, his newly released mixtape, Therapy Sessions Vol. 1 (that you can download for free over on his new site), which comes sprinkled with refixes of past and present radio jams like this one of bubble-gum R&B singer Lloyd. Physical Therapy takes only small snippets from the original’s intro strings along with a few choice vocal parts and skillfully rearranges them, crafting a slow, methodical, half-time head-nodder in which spacious 808-style kicks and skittering percussion supplement the smooth R&B source material. Whether Physical Therapy is just making sweet remix love to some guilty-pleasure tunes or actually commenting on some deeper post-modern consumer-as-creator-type thing is still unknown, and that’s fine by us as long as he keeps hitting us with tracks like this.

Lay It Down (Physical Therapy Remix)