Earlier this year, White Forest Records—a label dedicated to releasing solely Italian electronic music, with over 20 releases under their belt—released Low Profile, the debut album from Roman producer Lazy Ants.

The seven tracks on Low Profile wear Lazy Ants’ musical influences on their sleeves, from big-beat-infused cuts to more hip-hop-based outings, house, techno, and trip-hop. The album “is the result of a journey between the past and the future where the artist rediscovers his old records and tries to synthesize them in his personal vision.”

In support fo the LP, White Forest and Lazy Ants have offered up the album’s opening cut, “Elements” (feat. Santa Emorragia) as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below.

You can purchase the full record here.

Elements (feat. Santa Emorragia)