While we did spend a good portion of our recent review of the “Fists of Ham” single lamenting the fact that the debut LP from Hackman (pictured above) is still yet to arrive, we are of course still happy to hear new remixes from the talented artist. This new rework of “Lazy Days”—the original for which was produced by a team of DJ/producers associated with the Big Chill party crew—is a particularly chunky production, one which finds Hackman employing his usual spread of spacey pads and low-swinging percussion while also letting a playful bassline sneak in underneath. Without a doubt, the combination makes for an enticing remix, and one that is likely to serve its ultimate purpose well—sharing news of Hackman’s upcoming set at The Big Chill House in London on August 24. Best yet, the fast-approaching night—a video flier for which can be found after the jump—is said to be as free as this very download used to spread the word.

Lazy Days (Hackman Remix)