Leifur James is a producer and multi-instrumentalist whose debut track, “Time,” is being offered as today’s XLR8R download.

As you’ll hear on “Time,” Leifur has wide-reaching musical influences that range from classical to soul, jazz, hip-hop, house, and ambient. Leifur performs every instrument, sings, and produces all of his music, creating a personal sound that plays with the boundaries of musical interpretation and genre. According to Leifur, “Time” is a “reflection on the expanse and movement of time—how through time, life meanders, climaxes, and diminishes.”

Leifur’s debut introduces us to an artist with an uncanny ability to deliver emotional cuts that are packed with personality and brings to mind the work of producers such as Floating Points, Flying Lotus, and Four Tet. You can download “Time” via WeTransfer below and make sure to follow Leifur’s work here.