Last week, Zurich-based quintet Len Sander released their sophomore album, The Future of Lovers, via Mouthwatering Records.

The new LP follows the band’s standout debut, Phantom Garden, and a handful of singles (“Places” and ‘”Another Man” are of note), presenting 11 left-field pop tracks that reference the golden age of ’90s songwriting while exploring the social dimensions of love and physicality.

In support of the LP release, Len Sander have offered up “Moving Into Love” as today’s XLR8R download, which looks to the unpredictable nature of relationships, as singer Blanka Inauen explains:

“This song for me is like a viscous liquid that slowly expands and contracts and then suddenly things get shaken up fast. It’s all about movement and pace. We wondered if we could make a song with two completely different temporalities and were quite happy when we realised not only that it worked musically but also perfectly fit the lyrics. When you’re intensifying a love relationship things can suddenly go so fast, you can lose your direction to a point where you can get insecure whether you are still moving into love or actually moving out of it.”

You can pick up “Moving Into Love” below, with the album available here.

Moving Into Love