DJ/producer Sascha Ring (a.k.a. Apparat) released his own installment of !K7’s ongoing DJ-Kicks series at the end of last month, an interesting and personal mix album featuring a few new tunes from both Ring himself and his friends. “Lengthening Shadows” is one such track made by Telefon Tel Aviv for the Apparat mix, and it has some serious weight to it. As Ring puts it, “[Telefon Tel Aviv] make such beautiful music. Sadly, Charlie Cooper died at the beginning of last year. This is the first track that Joshua Eustis (pictured above) has made since then. I think he was wondering whether he would carry on the Telefon Tel Aviv name. I asked him if there was anything he could give me for the album. He made me this track and said he’d like it to be as Telefon Tel Aviv. It’s very poignant.” And it’s true. Knowing the headiness of the song’s origins bolsters its stirring mood into emotional realms we’re sure only Eustis and the friends and family of Cooper could understand, but hearing the song is equally moving; “Shadows” is a haunting bass music gem on par with some of the genre’s most provocative productions.

Lengthening Shadows