Leon Inc. is a French electronic music artist who will release his debut album, Insert Disc, in early 2017 via Leon Records. The album will drop as a complete audio-visual piece, incorporating—via an ambitious microsite called Leon Resort—3D web animations in sync with the album’s tracks. The microsite, like the music it represents, is a beautiful collection of otherworldly visuals to get lost in.

The first track to drop from the album will be his debut single, “Microfibre,” released today as an XLR8R download. Unfolding across close to five minutes, the track shows off Leon’s stunning hooks and melodies in a kaleidoscopic array of synths and groove-led beats. “Microfibre” also represents a shift in vision, as he explains:

“This is the track which I am most proud and that represents another transition in the change of my vision of music, particularly since it is one of the latest track that I produced at the time of finishing the album, and “Microfibre” lies in the middle of this transition.”

You can download “Microfibre” via WeTransfer below, with more on Leon Inc. over at Leon Resort.

Microfibre (feat. JR827)