Heralding from America’s third largest city, Supreme Cuts is a duo well-versed in Chicago’s traditions of house, juke, and footwork. Flickering images of those distinct dance-music ingredients swim into view on this new cut from the outfit’s forthcoming LP, Whispers in the Dark (out on June 12 via Dovecote). “Lessons of Darkness (Apology)” is no mere exercise in genre tropes, however. One could practically cough on the dense, atmospheric production Supreme Cuts exhibits; humid drums emerge from the smoke only to burst through in a sparkling display of celestial melodies and pop sensibility. The project seems to be a fully realized sum of its parts, and as legendary juke veteran DJ Gant Man said about this release, “I fucks with this. Y’all snapped.” You can take a look at the cover art and tracklist for Whispers in the Dark before it drops, after the jump.

1. Whispers pt. 1
2. Lessons Of Darkness (Apology)
3. (Youngster Gone Off That) Sherm
4. E2
5. Ciroc Waterfalls
6. Intermission
7. Whispers pt. 2
8. Belly
9. Epitome
10. 18th
11. Val Venus
12. Whispers In The Dark

Lessons Of Darkness (Apology)