This unusual bit of avant pop is arguably the most straightforward cut from the upcoming debut record from FAY (a.k.a. Fay Davis-Jeffers), who also serves as the frontwoman of experimental indie project Pit Er Pat. The song’s vocal hook, “Hands off my cookies boys,” is rapped/sung over heavy bass and a hyphy-like drum beat to create a strangely engrossing bit of not-quite-hip-hop. The tune incorporates rapid-paced bongo and pitched cowbell in its percussive musings, and is punctuated by a series of single synth notes and vocal bits pitched into chords. The song will appear with nine other tunes of an even more experimental nature on Fay’s upcoming record, DIN, which is set to be released on June 12 through Time No Place. The artwork for that album is above, while its complete tracklist and a streaming version of the tune “What’s The Use” can be found after the jump.

1. How It Feels Good
2. Talk With My Body
3. That’s The Part
4. What’s The Use

5. Use
6. Shadow I
7. Let It Go
8. Between
9. Shadow II
10. Time To Die

Let It Go