Canada’s Infinite Machine label is set to wrap up its 2014 run with one final effort from increasingly active Brooklyn producer Seafloor, whose The Drift EP is slated to land via the imprint on December 1. Leading off the record is “Let Me Go,” a fast-evolving production which begins its run as a soul-swept slice of bass music, before alternating rushes of drum & bass and juke-indebted rhythms take over the procession, giving the tune a more sinister edge despite its lush chords and soaring vocal snippets. Ahead of its release next week, Seafloor’s forthcoming The Drift EP is available to preview after the jump.

1. Let Me Go
2. All I Need
3. Feelings Gone
4. Nothing Is Sacred
5. Let Me Go (Warsnare Remix)
6. Feelings Gone (Gillepsy Remix)

Let Me Go