From spending his days with Egyptian Lover to hanging out in the West Coast hip-hop scene and working with N.W.A., Arabian Prince was constantly merging the worlds of rap and electro. Born Mik Lezan, he released his first solo album, Situation Hot, in 1985 and dropped records up through 1993 that explored this sound.

Stones Throw, a label constantly digging up little pieces of hip-hop history, has compiled tracks from Lezan’s discography and placed them on a single release entitled Innovative Life, and the crew just leaked this track to rev fans up for the collection’s release, which is today. The disc will come packaged with a 20-page booklet documenting the rise and fall of the Los Angeles electro-rap scene, with previously unseen posters and photos. Throw this number on as a soundtrack to your reading.

Innovative Life
01 Strange Life
02 Beatdabeat
03 It Ain’t Tough
04 Take You Home
05 Lets Hit The Beach
06 Innovative Life
07 Innovator
08 Situation Hot
09 Panic Zone
10 Professor X Saga
11 Freak City
12 Simple Planet

Arabian Prince – Let’s Hit The Beach 1