Continuing with its recent record label endeavors, Rebel Magazine will launch its first-ever compilation series, called Heretic, which tastefully spans the realms of bass music, beat music, and other club-friendly styles—including sounds from the likes of Clicks & Whistles, Mike Gao, Abel, and more. The culture hub will celebrate the release of its first volume this Friday, May 27, with a party in Silverlake (check out details here), but before that, we bring you an early taste of the featured music with Nyx’s “Letting Go.” This hot-footed 2-stepper takes its time swelling to full size, and lays down its skittering groove for a while longer before it’s through. It’s a propulsive cut that begs a few repeat listens if only to hear the infectious “Oh, baby” sample again and again and again.

Letting Go