Lia Mice recently delivered The Sampler As A Time Machine, an atmospheric new album via Optimo Music inspired by her interest in time travel and how the human brain perceives time from moment to moment; how people can experience overlapping time; and how we interact with our past and future through memory and imagination. All eight tracks carefully fuse new wave, experimental electro pop, techno, and industrial music. 

Early 2019 will also see the remix album of The Sampler As A Time Machine, featuring a Kid Who remix, available to download now via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 

I got to know Kid Who going to nights in London like World Unkown and Don’t Be Afraid, and Kid Who and End All Work’s night Power Outrage. We would always chat about gear because we are both really into producing using hardware. Kid Who’s production is great so I asked him to do a remix of Marconi’s Eternal Tone Cloud. From the album version he took some of the beats, melodies, bells, drones, and atmospheres and mangled them in his Digitakt and the result is this deep electro remix.— Lia Mice