Romanian producer Liar will release a new EP, Undance, next week, and has passed along this self-titled track to help spread the word. The six-minute tune makes its way across a number of bass music realms, touching on the UK’s penchant for skittering drums, melodic techno synth lines, and even some touches of deep house in the reverb-washed chords that occasionally peek through. Apparently, the man behind Liar has a busy year planned, with a number of releases in the works, the first of which will drop next Monday, March 26. After giving “Liar” a spin, you can check out the artwork and tracklist for the forthcoming record, after the jump.

01 Divorce
02 Divorce (Flourish ‘Fracture Satellite’ Remix)
03 Liar
04 Liar (Morris Cowan Remix)
05 Liar (Hello Invaders Remix)
06 Origami Bound
07 Origami Bound (Dual Shaman’s ‘Black Swoon’ Mix)