This track unfolds a bit like a day smack in the middle of January would–slowly, softly, and with melancholy undertones. Off The Sight Below‘s soon-to-be-released album, Glider, “Life’s Fading Light” is a dreamy blend of barely touched acoustic guitars and echoing loops laid over a beat that mimics a human heartbeat. Sunny music this is not, but it’s easy to picture the reclusive, unnamed producer behind the album hard at work in drizzly Seattle. Glider will arrive in full on November 11, just in time for winter.

01 At First Touch
02 Dour
03 Without Motion
04 Life’s Fading Light
05 Further Away
06 The Sunset Passage
07 Already There
08 A Fractured Smile
09 Nowhere

The Sight Below – Life’s Fading Light