Lexington, Kentucky might be known as “The Horse Capital of the World,” but it’s not exactly renowned as a hotbed for cutting-edge electronic music. As such, we’re not exactly sure how Milyoo managed to hone his beatmaking chops, but the boy has undoubtedly got skills. His next release is the “Colors” b/w “Games” single (artwork above) on Subeena‘s Opit label, which is scheduled to come out on July 28. Ahead of that, he’s elected to share “Lightbike,” a lurching, hip-hop flavored composition stuffed with sonic oddities and microsamples. The track showcases an inventive mentality not unlike that shown by the artists of LA’s beat scene, yet the song’s head-nodding slaps hint toward an artist who has also spent plenty of time taking notes on some of commercial radio’s best jams. It’s a winning formula, and one that has us excited to see what else Milyoo has on tap in the months ahead.