Better known for operating as Lenta, Russian producer Rasul Gafarov will take on the new handle Nenado for his upcoming Your Sketch cassette. “Like Attracts Like” appears early on in the seven-track effort (out March 17 via the ever-diversifying Astro:Dynamics label), and builds a slow groove from its small assemblage of pot-and-pan percussion and a soupy mixture of reversed chords. Across its three-minute run, the tune is hesitant to overload its pattern with sounds; only a hat and a lazily hummed vocal melody are added to the bare-bones cut, which effectively makes an inviting case for the less-is-more approach to electronic production. Before Your Sketch drops later this month; its artwork and tracklist can be found after the jump.

01 Your Sketch
02 Like Attracts Like
03 Aiz
04 We Turn Into Planets
05 Hari Hari
06 Bushido
07 Internal Dialogue

Like Attracts Like