This soulful selection comes out of Santiago, Chile courtesy of Affctns, a new audio-visual duo working under the Diamante banner that includes Daniel Klauser, a producer we’ve postedaboutbefore. “Like You” rolls out with well-selected samples of R&B that act as percussive intonations rather than the focus of the track, which is itself saturated with Hotflush-style chords and fleeting, accented displays of saccharine melody. Many artists have been ensnared by the softly biting genius of ’90s R&B, but when the referencing of such heartfelt, lovingly-constructed memories is well done, as it is here, bits of compelling originality seep through the nostalgic nods to the past. Check out the rest of the free Ginger Gyal EP (artwork above) on Klauser’s Bandcamp, and be sure to scope their video for the title track after the jump.

Like You