GETME! will celebrate 10 years of club nights, record releases, art projects, and London exploration with a compilation of new music from roster artists both old and new.

Run with love by Alex Hislop (a.k.a producer LIXO) GETME! has always been known for a brave and eclectic output.

We’re told to expect “a mixed bag of sounds and genres” with the likes of Kit Grill delivering his signature minimal sound, Hello Skinny jamming out with a jazz / funk flare, New York’s Lil Jabba delivering his sinister mutant take on club music, and much more. It features 10 new tracks for 10 formative years.


01. Kit Grill “Output”
02. Nicky Otter “0000”
03. Lil Jabba “Wayward”
04. Quays and Lixo “Pain”
05. Drumtalk “Say It”
06. Lixo “Bomber”
07. Erosion Flow “Mutual Detachment”
08. Becoming Real “Do It”
09. Hello Skinny “Gotta Get Up”
10. Iydes “Broken”

Ahead of the compilation’s November 3 release, you can download Lil Jabba’s “Wayward” via the WeTransfer button below.