Lixo—the production alias of Alex Hislop, founder of London party collective GETME!—will return to the crew’s label arm with his Cicada EP. .

The follow-up to 2016’s Writer’s Block single feat Trim and 2017’s Ida Ep in collaboration with Quays, the Cicada EP sees Lixo “explore the gamut of electronic music with washed out vocal sampling, warm, tribal bass sounds and fluttery, dreamscape melodies that tug at the more experimental, exploratory corners of London’s club music landscape,” the label explains. 

With a back catalog spanning 19 records—including releases from the likes of Lil Jabba, Slime, Trim, and Dam Mantle—London party-come-label GETME! have established themselves as one of the city’s rising electronic hubs over the last 10 years. Formed by Alex Hislop (a.k.a Lixo) in 2006, the brand now spans events, radio, and their aforementioned label arm.

Ahead of the EP’s November 30 release, you can download “Wein” in full via the button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 


01. Wein

02. Whistler 

03. Dromer 

04. Phoxi

05. Rudder