Barcelona-based producer Rammsy has turned in a new effort for Chilean label Discos Pegaos, the three-track The Light EP. Taking the middle slot on the fresh effort is the disco-flecked “Llobregat,” a lightly skipping affair which utilizes an almost obsessive amount of synths to fill out its dreamy six minutes. Taking much of his inspiration from “the cosmic crescendos of Giorgio Moroder and the robotic evocations of Kraftwerk,” Rammsy’s style is chocked full of references to dance music’s past, but not overrun by them; a fact “Llobregat” can attest to with its sturdy rhythmic framework and modern sonic clarity. Those who find themselves intrigued by the sounds of “Llobregat” will be happy to know that Rammsy’s complete The Light EP can be downloaded for free here.