We have to say, it’s still a bit surprising that Dre Skull’s Brooklyn-based Mixpak imprint released a record for one of Atlanta’s earliest proponents of crunk, Lil Scrappy, even though “Look At Me” was produced by the label head himself. However, we’re not at all surprised that the project came out sounding quite good, and it seems like the new EP of remixes for that single has completely followed in suit. Like this version by Kaptain Cadillac, the already maniacal southern rap jam is worked into more hyperactive territories where lofty BPMs rule the dancefloor and the MC’s vocals are chopped into a neon flurry that perfectly match the glistening piano melodies. Though “Look At Me (Kaptain Cadillac Remix)” is actually not on the just-released Look At Me (Remixes) EP, Justin Martin’s and Dâm-Funk’s versions do the trick in its place, which you can hear yourself here.

Look At Me (Kaptain Cadillac Remix)