With only a few weeks left before New York’s Unsound Festival gets underway, we’ve gotten our hands on a track from dual Finland/US citizen, now Austria-based producer Tin Man, who will be making his NYC debut during the April festival. “Lost In LA,” from Tin Man’s recently released Perfume LP, delves into the more subdued side of retro-inspired house, pairing jazzy piano chords and programmed percussion with layers of Tin Man’s own vocals as he recalls memories of his former Southern California residence. With the track spanning almost ten minutes, Tin Man keeps things moving by switching through a variety of themes that weave shades of darkness in and out of his calm, introspective narrative. NYC will have the chance to see Tin Man perform, alongside the likes of Detroit legends Octave One and burgeoning Bulgarian producer KiNK, when he performs at the Unsound edition of the Brooklyn’s Bunker party on Saturday, April 9. (Details here)

Lost in LA